Spey Lite Skagit Integrated Intermediate

Spey Lite Skagit Integrated Intermediate

€ 129,90

Ideal for smaller streams and trout Spey applications when getting just
beneath the surface is key.

  • Ultra-short head for turning over heavy tips and large, weighted flies with light two handed rods
  • Integrated floating line reduces hinging on casts and eliminates loop-to-loop connection; also allows you to strip to the sink-tip connection to increase chances of hooking followers
  • Ultra-short head length works well for casting with limited
    room behind you
  • Floating running line with intermediate sink head
  • Tip recommendations:
    150-210 grains - SONAR leaders
    240-300 grains - 8’ UST Tips
    330-420 grains - 8’ or 10’ UST Tips
  • Also works with single-handed rods
  • Braided multifilament core; for use in moderate and cold
    (### = grain weight)
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Scientific Anglers’ patented dry-slick technology provides continual line slickness, allowing the line to shoot farther as it moves through the guides. Lines with AST easily shed dirt, algae, and other parasitic drag particles, allowing lines to cast farther, float higher, and stay cleaner than traditional lines.

The Audible Reference Point is the inverse of the Tactile Reference Point. It’s an embossed section of line where the head meets the running line, allowing you to hear that transition as you strip in line. Available on our Spey Lite collection.

Meet the Scientific Anglers Line Identification System. SA•ID is an innovative line-marking system allowing you to identify your lines at a glance. Wonder if a shooting head is 200 grain or a 300? Just look at the SA•ID. The SA•ID can be found on the first 1-2 feet of the tip section of your line.

Exceptionally slick and strong, our Welded Loops produce smoother casts and easier turnover with a seamless fly-line-to-loop transition, making for softer landings and cleaner pickups. The sleek design also maintains buoyancy for improved fly-line flotation and enables quicker connections between fly line and leaders or fly line and backing.

For every one fish eating on top, there are ten feeding beneath it. Our SONAR sinking technology takes flies to where the fish are: beneath the surface. Using proprietary tungsten formulations and unique tapering, the SONAR sinking technology gets flies down, and keeps them there.

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