UST Short Intermediate | S3

UST Short Intermediate | S3

€ 79,95

The seamless-density UST Short Intermediate/Sink 3 sinking Scandi head features an intermediate rear section that transitions seamlessly to a Sink 3 section on the front. This provides similar qualities to the Floating/Sink 3 but gets the fly down just a bit deeper. A great choice for when fish are lying in deeper water and where fly speed is the key.

  • A shorter, more powerful version of our Ultimate Scandi Taper textured shooting heads
  • Designed and developed for the Scandi style of Spey casting
  • UST Shorts easily form tight loops and provide a strong delivery, yet allow for excellent control and gentle presentations when needed
  • The textured surface cuts through the tension of the water, allowing for easier pickups from all points of the water column
  • These lines are produced using our new Seamless Density (SD) technology, which gives you a better connection to the fly
  • Seamless Density technology helps to eliminate hinging, which is quite common when you have significant, instant density changes
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