Sonar Jungle Titan Taper Clear Tip

Sonar Jungle Titan Taper Clear Tip

€ 99,95

Sinking Clear-Tip Fly Line for Jungle Fish - For dorado, peacock bass, pacu and other species that live in jungle waters.

Excellent turnover due to short, powerful head

  • Overweighted by two line sizes for loading quickly and delivering big flies to distant targets; use designated line weight for your rod
  • 15’ clear intermediate tip for stealthy presentations; built with a floating running line for easy handling
  • Designed to deliver large flies to peacock bass and golden dorado in harsh jungle environments
  • Slow sink rate gets flies just below the surface
  • Tropi-Core technology remains stiff and slick in tropical environments
  • SA SONAR TTN JNG CLR WF X FI (X = line weight)
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