Atlantic Salmon in Swollen Rivers?

It’s the beginning of June, there are record-amounts of snow in the mountains, melt-off has begun and is now in full effect and the rivers, consequently, are swollen. The conditions are perfect for catalyzing early salmon runs, but during such conditions they don’t come easy. It’s time for sinking lines and getting down-and-dirty!

FFE might very well have the most prolific and varied selection of fast-sinking lines on the market – spread across several line series. Here’s a fast run-down of the lines that are most suitable for early-season depth-probing for Atlantic salmon

UST Short *42 gram //
is a perfect match for standard double-handed rods rated at class 10/11. The shooting tapers feature a short 11,2 meter taper design, which is perfect for deep wading, quick casting execution and for casting in crammed conditions (something that’s very typical, when fishing severely swollen rivers).

125338 UST Short 10/11 I/S5 42g
125376 UST Short 10/11 I/S7 42g
125406 UST Short 10/11 S3/S4 42g
125437 UST Short 10/11 S3/S5 42g
125468 UST Short 10/11 S3/S7 42g
125482 UST Short 10/11 S5/S6 42g
125505 UST Short 10/11 S5/S8 42g
125543 UST Short 10/11 S7/S8 42g

UST Short *46 gram //
is perfectly suited for powerful 10/11 and 11/12 double-handed rods. The shooting taper is 11,5m long and makes casting a relatively effort deal – even when wading deep or crammed up against the bank.

132299 UST Short 11/12 I/S7 46g
132305 UST Short 11/12 S3/S5 46g
132312 UST Short 11/12 S3/S7 46g
132282 UST Short 11/12 I/S5 46g
132329 UST Short 11/12 S5/S8 46g

UST SD *44 gram //
fits all 10/11 double-handers. This seamless density line series, which sinks uniformly and provides unparalleled contact with the fly, is 12,5* meters long. It delivers long casts and deep swings with great control.
*(S2/S6 & S2/S8 are 12,1 meters long to make them easier to handle, when casting in crammed conditions).

130363 UST SD 10/11 I/S7 44g
130349 UST SD 10/11 I/S5 44g
130141 UST SD 10/11 S2/S6 44g
130158 UST SD 10/11 S2/S8 44g

UST Express Sink //
is a series of lines for when the heaviest artillery is needed. These sinking lines have been designed for the biggest rivers and deepest pools and have been tailored to perfectly fit double-handers in excess of 14’. The lines feature a short and powerful 11,2-meter-long taper profile (Sink 8 950g is a mere 10,8 meters for easier handling). The series consists of line densities ranging from S5 to S8, and it’s definitely the fastest sinking range of tapers on the market.

132954 UST Express Sink 5 750 GR / 48,6 g
132961 UST Express Sink 5 850 GR / 55,5 g
132978 UST Express Sink 8 750 GR / 48,6g
132985 UST Express Sink 8 850 GR / 55,5 g
132992 UST Express Sink 8 950 GR / 61,5 g