FFE Repair Center

When you purchase the best products on the market, you should also rely on the best after sales service on the market. We at FFE will give you that service. Our network of well trusted dealers and our Repair Centre works like a well greased machinery when it comes to handling repair cases. None of our competing distributors can match what Flyfish Europe and our dealers do at this level. When chasing that fish along rivers, on the banks of lakes or along a rocky coast a lot of things can happen to your gear if a bit of bad luck strikes. What are we able to repair here in Norway? Well, just about any part of your flyfishing gear that you are unlucky enough to break.

The European Repair Centre for Simms Fishing Products, Scott Fly Rods and The Waterworks Lamson Reels is located at the Norwegian based headquarters of Flyfish Europe. If you tear your waders, break your rod or have a reel that’s not running smooth…don’t worry we’re here to help you!


If a Simms product fails due to workmanship or material defect during the life of the product, please return it to us for repair or replacement. This warranty does not cover damages caused by improper care, accidents or the natural breakdown of materials over extended use and time. 

All defective or damaged products should be returned to Flyfish Europe for evaluation and will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Flyfish Europe. 

Please Note! Self Repairs on seams can affect the Warranty. Self repairs can make it impossible for the Repair Technicians to locate and repair leaks in that area. In worst case a product will be impossible to repair and will therefore be deemed as Beyond Repair/Worn Out.

What does SIMMS "Life time warranty means?
It means the life of the product, not the life time of the customer. When the product eventually is Worn Out by improper use, care or normal wear and tear all warranties cease to exist.


The European Scott Repair Centre was recently opened up in the same premises as our Simms Repair Centre. When taking over the Scott distribution in Europe we asked ourselves; what can we do better with Scott here in Europe than any other distributors of American brands can? Besides already having the best dealer network and the best distribution model, we wanted to offer better turnaround time on repairs. 

Most people are familiar with the Scott Lifetime Warranty, and that all Scott rods earlier had to be sent to Scott in the US for repair. This means that the repair turnaround time would be delayed with some weeks due to shipping back and forth to the States. Not exactly a fun thing to experience in the peak of the season... So; we decided that we would build our own Repair Centre for Scott rods; like we did for Simms. After a couple of months of setting up and preparing the new repair centre Theresa Van Nooten and Jim Bartschi, the President, of Scott Fly rods came over to Norway to train us doing the rod repairs. 

After an intense training period, followed up with our staff visiting the Scott facilities at Montrose for even more training, we are now doing all Scott repairs for Europe. We are both humble and honored to be left with this huge responsibility; after all we are doing repairs on the finest fly rods money can buy. We are very eager to deliver flawless repairs with the same perfect finish as the Scott rods have when they leave the factory in Montrose, Colorado. Our staff has also already made themselves several “custom” Scott rods. 

What can I say about repairing and building the finest rods on the market; Endless fun!


The Waterworks Lamson designs and builds the best and most reliable reels available! How can I say that? Well, I can look at the return rate for reels that needs service. We service reels from all over Europe, and knowing what a reel usually is exposed to, all the different environments they have been fished in, and what salt & dirt can do to a piece made of metal, and still have low repair numbers beaten by none tells it all. 

The durability together with the innovative design makes these reels the roughest and best looking you can put on a fly rod today. Did I mention that the drag system on the WW-L reels is the smoothest and also the most powerful on the market? As for all other existing things in this world a time will also come for your fishing gear, the time when it should be put to the final rest. 

Eventually everything wears out in the end, but until then; if your wading gear, rod, reel or any other part of your equipment fails due to some mystical force (often unknown we are told..:)), our goal is to help you get it fixed and get you back on the water as soon as possible.