Standard Seat Rod

Standard Seat Rod

€ 479,00

Surprise yourself. Our standard seat rod shares the medium-fast action of our Center Axis rod, with a supple butt section for throwing effortless d-loop, rolls, and switch moves for complex casts and line pickups. A bit more power in the tip resists forming tailing loops when you ask for more distance. The matte and low contrast finish reduces sun flash and silhouette.



In 1995, when we were taking a critical look at fly reels, we were also looking at rods and reels as a system. What we saw didn’t seem optimal. No matter how great the rod, one key fact compromises it: 2/3rds of the total weight you’re casting is the reel. And that heavier object hangs off-center from the rod’s axis.

We realized that if you shifted the mass of the reel along the rod’s axis, most of the twisting force generated during casting would be eliminated.

We did that, and in ’97 licensed our concept and design to Sage, calling it Center Axis.

Some ideas are ahead of their time. In 1997, we were very busy promoting the strange idea that fly reels should have large arbors, so it’s understandable that a complete re-structuring of the rod-reel system was a league too far.

But ideas find their moment. For the Center Axis, we think that moment has arrived.

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